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Continental Gas Fireplaces

CDV36 – Direct Vent

The CDV36 is the most versatile fireplace with hundreds of different decorative design options to choose from.  With up to 26,000 BTU’s it provides plenty of cozy heat – perfect for any room in your home.

  • optional river rock ember bed replaces the existing logs for a more contemporary setting
  • five choices for firebox panel options

BCDV36 – Direct Vent

The BCDV36 model offers up to 17,000 BTU’s to generate enough heat to comfortably warm any mid-size room.  A wide range of decorative options allows for different designs to suit your decorating style.

  • louvre overlays available in polished brass and brushed stainless stell (painted black louvres come standard)
  • realistic PHAZER log set comes standard

BCDV36CF / BCDV42CF – Direct Vent

Continental’s popular 36″ and 42″ fireplaces are available as clean face units with a louvre-free view of the firebox.  A perfect complement to a crisp, contemporary design with plenty of reliable, cozy heat.

  • designer surrounds are available in luxurious diamond dust pewter or rich brown finishes
  • available as in wave, convex, or concave (for BCDV36CF).

BCDV36CFG – Direct Vent

A clean face design with an standard exclusive CYRSTALINE ember bed.  This fireplace provides inspiration to create a hearth experience that focuses on warmth, beauty and style.  CRYSTALITES comes standard (lights that accent the crystals from below) and can function with or without the flame.

  • designer surrounds are available in luxurious diamond dust pewter or rich brown finishes
  • available as wave, convex, or concave
  • set of four exclusive CRYSTALITES accent the crystals from below even when the fireplace is turned off, doubling as a NIGHT LIGHT

BCDV42 – Direct Vent

The Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels, included with the unity, create four spectacular fires in one and fill the large firebox with an echo of beautiful YELLOW DANCING FLAMES.  The impressive view, along with exceptional decorative options, furnishes your room with a fireplace admired by all.

  • MIRRO-FLAME Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels that echo flames through the firebox come standard
  • real wood burning experience with the multi-level burner and exclusive PHAZER logs

CDV70 – Direct Vent

Excellent choice when you need an efficient reliable fireplace but you also want the perfect atmosphere for your family to enjoy for many years.  With up to 35,000 BTU’s, an outstanding 81% efficiency rating and a 50% flame/heat adjustment for maximum comfort, the CDV70 gives you the reliable heat source you need.

  • exclusive NIGHT LIGHT illuminates the decorative firebox even when the fireplace is off
  • heat circulating thermostatically controlled blower
  • PHAZERAMIC advanced burner system providing the most realistic flames in the industry

BCDV40 – Multi-sided

When your design vision in inhibited by installation challenges, you can turn to multi-sided fireplaces to give you the design flexibility you’ve been looking for.  These create interesting room dividers between bedrooms and bathrooms, kitchens and sitting rooms, entrance ways and living areas and even looks great in a corner.

  • 5 different models available to suit any possibility
  • see-thru, corner (left, right or three-sided peninsula)
  • four-sided island

CHD35 – Direct Vent

35″ High Definition.  The clean face design maximizes the viewing area sot he realistic flames and log set are enjoyed to their fullest.  With up to 25,000 BTU’s, this unity generates plenty of cozy heat and can easily turn down to a lower, comfortable setting.

  • realistic PHAZER log set comes standard
  • MIRRO-FLAME Ribbed Reflective Radiant Panels echo flames throughout the firebox

CHD40 – Direct Vent 40″ High Definition

This mid-sized fireplace give you all the great features of the CDH35 plus offers a wider 40″ firebox width with 27.000 BTU’s.

The clean face design of this mid-sized fireplace (shown here with painted black andirons) maximizes the viewing area so the realistic flames and log set are enjoyed to their fullest. This unit is also available with an optional river rock media tray complete with sand, and satin chrome decorative fender for a more contemporary look.

CLHD45 – Direct Vent

This modern, linear design at an affordable price will please both new building and renovation budgets.  With unique design options (coloured glass and river rocks media enhancement kits), it captures an extraordinary fireplace experience in any room.  Perfect for contemporary and open concept living rooms.

  • optional river rock ember bed media kits for a natural contemporary setting are available
  • optional deluxe surrounds available in black, brown and white
  • optional basic surround available in painted black
  • optional premium surrounds available in stainless steel

Direct Vent System

With over 30 years of research and development, Continental Fireplaces have perfected direct vent technology to offer you a fireplace, stove or insert that easily fits into your lifestyle.

Accessories – Ember Beds

Switch out existing logs to a more contemporary setting with the optional river rock kit available in grey or multi-coloured.

Accessories – Trim Kits

Contemporary trim kits are available in pewter or brown finishes adn in wave, concave or convex surrounds.

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"I was stuck this winter with no heat n know one was able to get hear for weeks then I got community gas # from a friend n John n his crew was hear in days was very respectful n easy to talk to offered me space heaters to borrow if I needed till he was able to do it not to mention he was the best priced out of all them when my ac went I had no doubt who I was calling lol John was hear next day hands down best heating n ac guys around thanks guys."


Joey Gallant

John gave us excellent service, he responded quickly, was very professional and is a really nice guy. He had our air conditioner functioning optimally in no time and even followed up with a call tonight to make sure we were happy. I would highly recommend Community Gas & Mechanical Services!

Colleen Swinwood

Thank you John for being so generous with your time. We truly appreciate you coming in to figure out what was wrong with our furnace. We are happy to say it is no longer 59 degrees in the house back to a toasty 70. Your service is amazing we will definitely be contacting you in the future and will recommend you to all who ask!

Terri Michael Hamilton

John and his crew are fantastic! He’s helped us with s new fireplace installation, gas line for our stove, swimming pool etc. We rely on his expert advice and counsel! We highly recommend Community Gas to everyone!

Valerie Murray

Would like to Thank John for his services last night (Dec 30). Had renter's at my cottage in Collingwood. Furnace was not working properly. Thermostat had to replaced. It was after midnight and John went above and beyond the call. He fixed the problem.
I was happy. Renter's were happy. Thank you John for what could have turned out to be a disaster.

Ron Ricci

We had our gas fireplace installed today. John is professional, on time and we are very pleased with the result. His crew were amazing and we are so happy we decided to have this fireplace put in by him. Had our furnace replaced a couple of years ago and were impressed by him, hence the fireplace.

Stella Gardner

We recently had a furnace and A/C installed in our cottage at Wasaga Beach. After several quotes, we went with John and are so glad we did! His provided us with a detailed outline of what he would provide and the work that would be done, all at a fair price. The work was extensive as we needed to have duct work installed as well. Joan, Mark and Justin were all very professional and took great pride in their work. I would highly recommend them.

Nancy Piccinini

John, Justin & Mark were amazing. I highly recommend this firm. I had a couple of quotes in to replace my furnace and it so nice to deal with an honest tradesman like John & his crew.

Diane Brown